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As we near the end of 2023, we wish to thank you once again, our loyal customers and supporters, for your continued patronage and interest our horses. Our dispersal sale was announced April 19, and within 24 hours, all of our broodmares and one stallion were sold. To our delight, each new broodmare owner was able to welcome a colored foal within days. 

Back at the ranch, our daughter, Lori, was the last holdout. She kept her mare, Skip A Koy, to relish one more summer with the last foal to be born at Sheldak Ranch. In June, Skip had a stunning black-bay colt with a white blanket and four white socks. Skip A Koy, her colt, and stallion Striker IM were sold Oct. 16 (within hours of posting on Facebook) and loaded onto a trailer on Oct. 19. Their departure created an empty Sheldak Ranch -- a place that’s been home to Appaloosas since 1969.

We’ve been blessed in our 55 years of raising champions that have gone all over the U.S. and world--ALL from Sheldak Ranch mares! We now look forward to following you and hearing about your achievements with the Sheldak Ranch lines. For us, in between checking emails for all of your pictures and horse reports, we’ll be outside chopping wood, mowing grass or moving snow. Plus, those long-overdue ranch projects inside and out are waiting!

Dave and Kim Utke, owners

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