Bright Eyes Brother photo
Bright Eyes Brother
Hall Of Fame Stallion

Joker B photo
Joker B
Hall Of Fame Stallion

Mighty Bright
Hall Of Fame Stallion

Price Plaudit photo
Prince Plaudit

Hall Of Fame Stallion

Peavy Bimbo photo
Peavy Bimbo
Hall Of Fame Stallion

History of the Sheldak Ranch!

Sheldak Ranch signSheldak Ranch is the birthplace of legendary Appaloosa horses with enduring, superior bloodlines. Since purchasing their first stallion in 1968, owners Dave and Kim Utke have focused Sheldak Ranch’s breeding program on producing well-built halter horses that can excel as riding horses in and out of the show ring. Breeding for conformation and disposition has always been a priority over color.

Weanlings are sold each fall to eager buyers seeking horses with good looks, intelligence, athleticism, trainability, hardiness, and pleasant dispositions. Year after year, the national and world Appaloosa shows award Sheldak-born horses and progeny with championships across all disciplines.

The stallions live on site year-round and carry the breed’s richest old-world bloodlines. Pedigrees trace back to many national and world champions and the most recognizable names in Appaloosa sires, including Bright Eyes Brother, Prince Plaudit, Acclaim, Joker B, Prince David, Mighty Tim, Spittin Image, King David, String of Stars, Skipper W and Mr. Exclusive — all going back to Old Fred. Sheldak broodmares are the epitome of the Appaloosa’s best qualities — hardiness, beauty and genetic vigor — characteristics readily passed on to their foals.

Foals are born unassisted on the plains of North Dakota. Their innate people-loving personalities make them approachable within the first few days of life. They spend the summer with their dams in a herd setting in large pastures. The foals learn proper horse behavior from their elders and quickly accept the rigors of living life outdoors. By the time they are sold as weanlings, they are accustomed to heat, humidity, rain, snow, wind, insects, cattle and prairie wildlife — no wimpy horses come from Sheldak Ranch! 

Sheldak Ranch Appaloosas are born ready and willing do it all — for you. To find your next champion, click on "Foals for Sale" at the top of this page. To learn more about Sheldak Ranch, click on "FAQ" to link to articles.

For the fascinating history of the Foundation Sires, see

The Utkes' Appaloosa Journal ad of the 80’s said it all:  “The Old Blue Mare — The Secret of Success lies in the shadows of Sheldak’s Super Broodmares. From a Tradition of Excellence with Pedigrees of Perfection…Broodmares Spell Success!!”

Sheldak Ranch and Appaloosa Horses…tried, tested, and true!

Mighty Bright
Cherry Cordial
Bright Eyes Brother
Peggy’s Delight
Cherry Bounce
Overdue Peavy
Billy Maddon
Red Dog • Petey
Cherokee Maiden
Chipeta • Joker B
Billy Clegg
King Plaudit
Coke Roberds Mare
Papoose • Bob H
Ding Bob • Old Fred
Miss Mavis
Peavy Bimbo
Little Joe Jr
Gold Heels
Mary McCue
Blue Mare
Si Ding • Saladin
Flossie • Coke T
Skeik • Pet
Peter McCue
Primero • Beulah
Dash Of Vitrol
Blue Vitriol
Golddust Shoemaker
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