Reference Sires

Many of the Appaloosa breed's finest stallions have grazed the pastures of Sheldak Ranch.


King David
ApHC 247,244
1976 Chestnut & white
Sire: Prince David
Dam: Baretta Bright
National Champion Sire
World Champion Sire
Internat'l Gr Ch Sire
National Hi Pt Halter Sire
National Hi Pt Youth Sire
Superior Halter Sire
(from Sheldak mares)


Prince David
ApHC 163,902
1972 Chestnut leopard
100% Wiescamp blood
Sire: Prince Plaudit
Dam: String Mount
Carl Miles had purchased this horse as a replacement should anything happen to Prince Plaudit or Prince Charles. One of the top Halter & Jr. Pleasure horses on the National Show Circuit in '74 & '75 winning
the big ones!


Prince's Jim
ApHC 107197
1969 Bay few spot
Sire: Prince Plaudit
Dam: Joker's Mindy Fe
Bred by Carl Miles
National Champion Sire
World Champion Sire
National Top Ten Sire


Mr Exclusive
ApHC 137,198
1968 Dun & white
Sire: Bright Eyes Brother
Dam: Dash’s Blossom
Many times Grand Ch
National Champion Sire
Bronze Medallion Sire
Superior Halter Sire
National Youth Champions


Prince Shannon
1974 Chestnut leopard
Sire: Prince's Jim
Dam: Barretta Bright
Res Nat'l Champion
(out of 74 entries)
Hall Of Fame Stallion
All Time Leading Sire


Heaven Forbid
ApHC 383,661
1982 Buckskin, blanket
Sire: Mighty Paul
Dam: Honky Tonk
High Point 3 YO Stallion - Cajun ApHC
High Point 3 YO Stallion - Miss. ApHC


Prince Fury
ApHC 107,201
1969 Palomino leopard
Sire: Prince Plaudit
Dam: Spanish Fury
Heaviest muscled and most beautiful headed son of Prince Plaudit with the most precious disposition. Sire of Champions all over the U.S.


Brite Eyes Plaudit

1973 Black and white leopard
Sire: Jokers Request
Dam: Princes Charming
National Champion Offspring


Dee Bar OJ

1977 Black and white blanket
Sire: Dee Bar Bright SI 95
Dam: Bright Delight
by B.E.B.
Race Winner; Halter, Pleasure sire

DF Big Image

1978 Chestnut leopard
Sire: Prince’s Image by Prince Plaudit
Dam: Little Dee H
by Mr Big Wig
Undefeated Halter Stallion


The Look

1994 Chestnut
Sire: Dreamfinder
Dam: Lady Rosie Stars
World Champion Offspring

ApHC 86,102
Bay blanket stallion
1967 - 1992
Bred by Lane Hudson

Mighty Bright Bright Eyes Brother Billy Maddon
Peggy's Delight Red Dog
Cherry Cordial Cherry Bounce Leo
Cherokee Maiden
Overdue Peavy Ambrose

National Top Ten Halter/Performance winning 9 events
Leading Sire of Halter & Performance Horses
Leading Maternal Grandsire National & World Champions
National Champion Get Of Sire Offspring

*National & World Champ Sire
*ApHC Champion & GEAR Champion Sire
*Superior Halter & Performance Sire
*Supreme High Point Halter & Performance Sire
*Supreme Overall Champion Sire
*National High Point Halter & Performance Sire
*International Champion Sire
*O.M.B. Award Sire, *Mid-Con ROM Halter Sire
*Futurity Sweepstakes Sire
*Champion of Champions Sire
*Supreme High Point Halter & Performance Sire
*Supreme Champion Overall Sire
*Sire of National & World Champion Sires
*Sire of National & World Champion Producers
*Sire of National High Point Sires & Producers
1984 World Champion Ladies Western Pleasure Sire
1985 World Champion Jr. Western Pleasure Sire
1986 World Champion Sr. Western Pleasure Sire
1988 World Champion Western Riding Sire
1988 National High Point Aged Stallion Sire
1989 World Champion High Point Western Horse Sire
...missed Super Horse award by one point

National & World Champion Producing get and grandget through 2010


ApHC 462,762 • HYPP=N/N • 1987—2004
Chestnut blanket stallion
Bred by Bill Blackmon

String of Stars Star Trackin' Skippa Star
Sabre Ette
Skippa Sue Skippa Cord
Chuchara Sue
Ms Impressive Jack Impressive Lucky Bar
Glamour Bar
Miss Baron Jack Baron Bell
Two Eyed Dotty





Master Star — the greatest son of String Of Stars —
National Champion Stallion, Medallion Sire,
Superior Halter Sire, ROM Sire,
and sire of National & World Champion Producers
Master Star was multiple World Champion Sire
National Top Ten, ROM, Futurity Champion Sire
Canadian National Champion Sire
Canadian National Grand Champion Sire
Unequaled disposition, muscling, correctness


ApHC 341,523
Chestnut leopard stallion
1981 – 1992
Bred by Charles & Beverly Crandall

Prince Chicaro Prince Charles Prince Plaudit
Show Maria
Chicaro'sDreamGirlofDJ Billie Chicaro
Hi Ho Dee of DJ
Net Charge Bumpsey's Super Super Charge
Poco Nettle Poco Willy
Squaw Dust


America’s most beautiful leopard Appaloosa
Honored Appaloosa of the 1984 US Olympics
1982 World Champion Stallion (1st–1st–1st)
1982 #1 National Top Ten Yearling Jan–Nov
Bronze Medallion Winner
Halter: 24–Firsts, 49 Halter Points
1982 California State Champion
1982 Over-All Cal-Bred State Champion
1982 Southern California Champion
1982 Arizona National Champion
1982 Grand Canyon National Champion
1982 Spotted Valley Regional Champion
1982 S.V. Regional Over-All Halter Champ
1982 First Over-All Ages Grand Champion
1982 6 Jr Grands, 4 Reserve Jr Grands
All-Star/World Champion Offspring

ApHC 71,125
Dun blanket stallion
1966 – 1990
Bred by Lane Hudson

Mighty Bright Bright Eyes Brother Billy Maddon
Peggy's Delight Red Dog
Miss Mavis Peavy Bimbo Little Joe Jr AAA
Ida Pearl Gold Heels
Ida Red S


  Winner/High Point 6 events:
Halter, Western Pleasure, Reining, Steer Daubing,
Calf Roping (one of the breed's greatest), Team Roping
Grand, Reserve, Hi Pt Aged Stallion many times
High Point Performance Champion
Won or placed at Denver, Nationals, Worlds, etc.
National Champion Offspring
World Champion Offspring
Bronze Medallion Offspring
National Top Ten Offspring
High Point Halter Offspring
High Point Performance Offspring
Snaffle Bit Futurity Champions
National Champion Producers
World Champion Producers
National High Point Producers

ApHC  493,749
Grulla blanket stallion
1990 – 2008
Bred by Dave & Kim Utke

Mr Exclusive Bright Eyes Brother Billy Maddon
Dash's Blossom Dash of Vitrol
Copper Blossom
Barretta Bright Mighty Bright Bright Eyes Brother
Peggy's Delight
Barretta Mount Bartender B
Flying Midnight



  Mr. Barretta is the sire of:
Halter & Performance Futurity Champions
Mr. Exclusive is the sire of: 
National Champions, Perfomance ROMs,
Bronze Medallion Winners, Superiors, Leading Sire,
National High Points, etc.
Barretta Bright also produced:
Prince Shannon-Reserve National Champion,
Leading Sire Halter Horses,
Leading Sire Halter Class Winners,
Leading Sire Performance Horses,
Hall Of Fame Stallion.

ApHC 514,374
Rare few-spot leopard
1992 – 2008
Bred by Dave & Kim Utke

Acclaim Prince Chicaro Prince Charles
Net Charge Bumpsey's Super
Poco Nettle
Cherry Lace Mighty Tim Mighty Bright
Cherry Cordial
Crystal Lace Prince David
Buzz On By




"What makes Crystal Prince unique is that he's the only modern-bred Appaloosa I have studied that is homozygous for what some refer
to as the "leopard gene"
(we call it PATN-1).

— Sheila Archer

Sire of 100% leopard foals from solids
Sire of 100% few-spot leopards and snow cap blankets
from Appaloosa mares.
Sired by  Acclaim — World Champion
Dam Cherry Lace — granddam to Spectravision:
393 Halter Points, 2 Bronze Medallions
26 Grands, 31 Res, 69-1sts 2 YO Halter
1996 National High Point Yearling Filly
1996 High Point Most Colorful
1997 Reserve World Champion Most Colorful
1997 Reserve National Champion Non-Pro
1997 Reserve World Champion Non-Pro
1998 National Champion Most Colorful

ApHC 489,235
Marbled chestnut & white stallion
1990 – 2008
Bred by David & Mary Jane Blietz

Stardee Tardee Impressive Impressive
My Vandy Tardy
Ms Rockette Star Rock Star
Crocketts Kitten
Goers Bond Bondage James Bond
DLS Highfalutin
Boom Boom La Tur Goer
Nutty Nevada


Winner California Open All Breed Weanling Futurity, largest weanling futurity in all of California, beating all Paints, all Quarter Horses, and all Appaloosas, thirty in class!

Halter and Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure Point Earner
Sire of Halter Points Earners and athletic working horses

Sire: Stardee, Bronze Medallion Winner, World Champ,
National & World Champion Sire, by Tardee Impressive,
Superior Halter Horse, World Champion & Congress
Champion QH Stallion, All Time Leading Sire.

Dam: Goers Bond, Champion Halter Offspring by Bondage,
Superior Halter & Superior Performance Sire,
by James Bond, Superior Halter, National & World Champion.
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